Here I am…Let’s try this again.

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We’ve been busy lately. To be honest, I completely forgot about my blog until recently. Let’s catch everyone up, shall we?

I’ve been promoted at work, training as a manager the past month and I’m LOVING it! Haven’t had as much sex as I’d like. I had surgery to repair a massive hernia back in January and was off for 6 weeks. Due to the hernia, my sex drive was non-existent but now it’s slowly coming back. I’ve been a bad wife for the past year, meaning….I’ve been tempted to cheat. I know, I know…it goes against everything I believe in but it’s just so…. intriguing. Last summer I had a co-worker over for drinks and one thing lead to another and we were talking about hooking up. By the end of the night we kissed and he wanted to stay, I said no. We were REALLY drunk! I mean, I could barely talk/walk/think and he was pretty wasted too. We’re still friends, we don’t work together anymore but the temptation is always there since we’re always bugging each other about that kiss and who kissed who….I still don’t know for sure.

Then there’s the new guy. I’ve been on adult chat sites for many years now and recently left my old one to join a new one that’s free and you have more control about who views your cam etc….I met a guy who works in a city close by and he’s been mentioning a job he may be doing in my city pretty soon. From what I’ve seen of him, he’s pretty hot and says I’m hot also. Not sure if I want to risk it as I really don’t know him or who he really is. Tempting, yes… VERY tempting. I dunno…. sex with Hubby is pretty good when it happens. I definitely wouldn’t be considering it if he was home every night…this whole graveyard thing SUCKS!

I’ve definitely discovered a few things about myself, as in…I’m definitely bi-sexual. I was fooling around with a female co worker last year but it went too far and she made things awkward, so we put an end to that. I’ve kissed quite a few girls, even had a drunk girlfriend demand she kiss me on Saturday when I dropped her and some of her friends off at a club. Yes, I let her kiss me and no she didn’t remember the next day. Was kinda hot, she has amazing tits too…about the same size as mine.

Anyway, I’m rambling on now. I should go for a bit but I’ll re-cap a sexual encounter soon…very soon now that I remember I have this thing again lol

So here I am

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So it’s been A LOT longer than I thought it would be, but I’m back…kinda. We had our baby (a boy) back in December and life has been a handful. Having our youngest almost killed me during/after labor and they gave me an emergency hysterectomy to save my life so no more babies..and better yet, no more birth control!!!!! I have to keep this entry pretty short so I’ll just stick to the basics and try not to go overboard.

So last night both kids were asleep and I went off to shower, when I came back Hubby had started watching Underworld Evolution and we were both pretty touchy feely. I don’t get time to watch porn anymore so I couldn’t get the thought of riding his cock while watching porn out of my head! I put in our porn parody compilation DVD and before I knew it Hubby was licking my pussy. He was doing this new thing with his fingers inside me that was driving me wild, almost like fireworks were going off inside my head, and I did my best to stay quiet. I flipped him over and got on top like a good girl and stroked his cock along my wet pussy, rubbing the head of his cock on my clit while we kissed. His cock slid in so well as I took him all the way in and rode him deep & slow. Hubby’s hands were moving from my ass to my tits, holding my tits close to his mouth while he sucked on them, grabbing my ass and pulling me down harder. I came sooooooo hard, gasping for air, moaning and groaning, grinding harder on his cock, going faster and faster.

Next thing I know I’m on my back and he’s fucking me with short deep thrusts, everything was super sensitive and I couldn’t get enough. I held onto him tighter, his hot breath against my body. I love the way he looks at me when he’s fucking me, looking at every single inch of me, watching and admiring my tits as they bounce, even the way he spanks me drives me wild. ….. I’m getting distracted lmao alright back to what I came here to do lol Hubby fucked me harder, deeper, faster….I could tell his orgasm was building up by the way he was thrusting his cock in and out, I wanted it all, I wanted it so bad, I wanted it to hurt. His cock was throbbing inside me, his breathing was irratic, I was grinding against him moaning for more but I knew we were done for the time being.

And my time’s up… I’ll try my hardest to come back soon and write more of what you’ve missed.

Insert dirty pregnant joke here…..

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Well, doctor’s said it wasn’t possible but I’m pregnant again. 23 weeks to be exact…..

Hubby & I haven’t had sex that much due to a complication in my pregnancy (this sucks soooo bad by the way).Ā  I’ll write more in the next few months since I’m on bed rest and will have TONS of time available to think up some past sexual escapades with Hubby.

Stay tuned!

Once Upon A Steamy Dream…

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So this dream happened awhile ago, it was so powerful that it almost bothered me for a few days.

I was sleeping by myself one night while Hubby was off at work and just before I went to bed I had been talking to a guy friend online about my new nipple piercings. So there we were in my dream; Hubby, myself and Mark. All sitting in my living room having a few drinks and a great conversation. The subject of sex came up, which it always seems to when I’m involved, and at this point we’d all had too much to drink. Hubby had talked to me about how he was bi curious and how he was eager to have a threesome and he just so happened to bring it up. Mark wasn’t interested but he did say that he had no problem putting me in the middle of them. At this point I remember being confused and a bit lost in the topic….That was until Mark blurted out his boundaries and it kind of reminded me of a scene in 3Some…that horrible 90’sĀ  Steven Baldwin movie.

Before I knew it Mark’s face was in my chest and Hubby was working my pants, I felt so helpless. Hubby seemed to struggle to undo my jeans and pull them down but I remember lifting my ass to help. Hubby buried his face between my legs while Mark groped my breasts, playing with my nipple rings. At this point Hubby started pulling me down to the ground with him, he laid on his back and told me to sit on his face, Mark took this as his cue and before he stood by Hubby’s head, he removed his pants and shirt. As Hubby nibbled on my pussy lips and sucked on my clit, I proceeded to take Mark’s hard cock in my mouth. I could hear Hubby moaning and his grip on my ass get tighter as he watched from below. It felt so good, there was soo much pleasure I didn’t know how to handle it. Mark reached down and played with my breasts again, pinching my nipples. I took him all the way in my mouth, the tip of his cock touching my throat, both of his hands on my head pulling me closer. Mark started thrusting, fucking my face, his head thrown back. Hubby & Mark were both moaning, it was turning me on soooo much, I could feel my body begin to surrender to my sensory overload.

Before I could cum, Hubby said he wanted to fuck me so I stood up and bent over. I kept sucking Mark’s cock as Hubby teased my pussy with his hard, dripping cock. My tight wet pussy throbbed as he slowly inserted his cock, I gasped for air and my body started to let go. I pulled Mark’s cock into my mouth deeper, this time agressively. Both his hands still on my head, he fucked my face at the same rythym Hubby fucked my pussy. I put both hands behind my back and Hubby grabbed them, fucking me harder and deeper he told me “you’re not going to cum just yet, I want to watch you and Mark”. I looked up to see shock on Mark’s face, the smile on Hubby’s face was priceless. I pushed Mark onto the couch and straddled him, leaned back with my hands on his knees. I rode him slow at first, getting faster and harder by the minute. I was watching him as he watched my tits bounce. I turned my head to watch Hubby as I fucked another man, and he stood there across the room masturbating with the same smile on his face.

Mark insisted I stand up and lean over the back of the couch, so as I did he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back just as Hubby did. He jammed his cock inside me, I could feel his body slamming up against me as he fucked me harder and faster. When I opened my eyes I saw Hubby standing in front of me, cock in hand as he put it to my mouth. I licked the tip and I could taste myself on him. My pussy was throbbing, I could feel my wetness on Mark’s balls as they slapped against me. He had a firm grip on my hands as he pulled them tighter behind me said “Your wife is a such a dirty whore, should we make her cum?”. My body felt like it was going to explode, my knees were getting weak, Hubby’s cock went deeper into my throat. I could hear Hubby say “tell us how you want to cum and maybe we’ll consider it”. I took Hubby’s cock out of my mouth and told them both “I don’t give a fuck, just fuck me hard, deep & fast”.

Mark pushed me deeper into the back of the couch and Hubby shoved his cock back into my mouth. Mark started to fuck me so hard it hurt, but it was a good hurt. One hand let go of my hands and he reached around to grab a breast. Hubby grabbed a fist full of hair and held my head back, he looked me in the eyes and said “I want to hear you cum on his cock”. Hubby stepped back and watched again. Just watching Hubby and feeling Mark’s cock going in and out of me sent me over the edge, I could feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter, I tried to hold on a bit longer. Mark let go of my hands and held my hips, his balls slapping against me harder, I could hear him grunting and groaning trying to keep control. I couldn’t take it anymore, my pussy started contracting, my breathing got heavier, my moaning louder, at this point I was almost screaming. Just then I saw Hubby take one step forward, stroking his cock in my face before I knew it he was cumming all over my face….His hot cum felt soooo good! I threw my head back as Hubby continued cumming and said “mmmm bite me! bite me now!!!!” Mark leaned forward, digging his teeth into my shoulder, it felt soooo good! He shoved his cock deeper inside my pussy, I was gasping for air, I could feel my cum everywhere. And just as I came back down from my orgasm, Mark took his cock out, casually walked around to my face and shot his load just as Hubby did moments ago….

Then I woke up to Hubby fucking me! What a good dream.

My absense….

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I have been gone a loooong time. There have been a few things that have happened in life…Little One was diagnosed with Autism, I lost my job and was re-hired 5 months later, working like crazy and also the fact I barely see Hubby more than an hour a day now. Not alot of sex going on… all. I have purchased a few more sex toys though lol

I promise I will be back soon…Lots of stories to tell and graphic details to wank to….

Sultry Sunday

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(Thanks again for the title Mark)

So Hubby & I started off putting Little One down for a nap since he was sick. We headed off to the bedroom to finish watching Friday The 13th while we had a chance. We got through another 45 minutes or so and we couldn’t take it much longer. His arms were wrapped around me and he was nibbling on my ears. His hands groping at my breasts, running down my stomach & gliding along my thighs. He flipped me over to face him and ran his hand up my shirt, immediately grabbing my breast and massaging it. Leaning down to lick and suck my nipple he looked up at me and told me how badly he wanted to fuck me. My hand slid down his stomach, straight to his cock, gripping it.

Hubby told me to lay on my back and he proceeded to lay sideways with my legs of his hips. As he rubbed his cock on my clit, I adjusted my position by placing one of my legs in between his. My movement caused his cock to push inside me, to which we both gasped. He thrusted as he held my leg close to him, which by now was up over his shoulder. Something didn’t feel right to him so he got up and put his head on the other side. Legs intertwined again, Hubby fucked me deep and hard, holding my thigh to his chest. With my other leg over his hips, I reached down to play with my clit. It felt so good to have his cock inside me, even thought it hadn’t been that long.

Hubby then laid on his back and I got on top, I straddled him and rubbed his cock on my clit just a little bit. Pushing his cock all the way inside me, I started grinding my hips in a circle. Hubby grabbed ahold of me and tried to get me to stop as he squirmed underneath me. I leaned forward and started to ride him, rubbing my clit up against him each time I moved. Hubby left one hand on my ass and the other enveloped my breast, shortly after his mouth followed. It felt too good. I rode him faster and harder, I grabbed my other breast and rubbed it. I watched Hubby as he praised my body, rubbing every inch while I fucked him. I could feel my orgasm building, Hubby left my nipple in his mouth while both hands grabbed my ass. He nibbled on it, flicking his tongue against it. My pussy got wetter as I started to cum, Hubby’s cock had never felt that good before. My moans got louder, a few decibles short of a scream. He thrusted his cock from underneath me as I leaned back. He was so deep, my body tensing up with each contraction, Hubby leaned forward and ran his hands over my chest and stomach. I didn’t want it to end, my orgasm only built up, it wasn’t ending. He was groaning as my pussy contracted around his cock.

After I had cooled down a bit, I climbed off the bed and leaned over the side. I presented my ass to him and he got the same idea. Hubby stood directly behind me and spanked me, running his fingers up my thighs only to spank me again. He braced himself and stabbed his cock into me again. He wasn’t going to hold back at all. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer with each thrust. My head was buried in the bed to keep my screams quiet, it felt amazing to give him full control. I reached back and told him to hold my hands behind my back while he pounded my pussy. He held them and the pleasure increased bigtime. I started to cum again, I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer til I exploded. I threw my head back, moaning with each thrust, Hubby was calling me his dirty whore, that he was going to teach me a lesson. He fucked me sooo hard, spanking me, pulling my hair with one hand as he held my arms back with the other. My orgasm exploded over my entire body, I could feel my juices on his balls as they slapped against me, I could feel a little on my leg and I was almost sure it was trickling down my thigh. I was soaked and that only made Hubby go harder & faster.

After my orgasm let up a little bit, I got on all fours on the bed. Hubby got behind me again and went deep. I was still screaming, the pleasure was too much. He placed his hands on my ass as he fucked me, I love the way he grunts and moans. He pushed my legs farther apart as he fucked me, making sure I was opened wide for him. My face was buried in the blankets again, my hands reached back to touch him, he’d spank me each time I touched his legs *made me only want to do it more often*. He pressed my ass down on the bed and pushed my legs apart again, lifting my ass up just a bit. He put all his body weight into each thrust. I couldn’t take it, I was going to cum again. He told me to hold back he wasn’t done with me just yet. I tried thinking of every little thing that would turn me off, I couldn’t stay focused. He pushed my legs together and straddled my ass. His cock went in without effort and felt great. My hands grabbed the headboard, I could only moan, I wasn’t able to even think. I told Hubby I was going to cum and he stopped dead in his tracks, spanked me, then stabbed his cock back into me full force. He repeated this a few more times just to drive me insane. I couldn’t bare it much longer.

Hubby got up and told me to get on my back. My legs spread as wide as they would go, he slowly inserted his cock again. His hands were on my thighs as he thrusted in and out. One of his hands slid down my thigh to my clit, rubbing it just a tiny bit. I went out of my mind, I couldn’t hold back my orgasm anymore. Every nerve in my body was jumping, my nipples went rock hard under my fingers, Hubby’s thumb slid over my clit with ease and he had an evil grin on his face as he lifted my leg over his shoulder, held it tight and started to pound the shit out of me. I was moaning for him, I kept telling him how I wanted his cum on my face, on my tits and in my mouth. I told him how I missed the taste of his hot cum on my lips. It wasn’t long after that was said that he was cumming all over me. It was going in my hair, on my chin, my tits, my stomach. He was rubbing his balls against my pussy as he came, which only made me enjoy it even more.

Mmmmmmm I only hope this weekend is as good as last weekend. Even more so now that my sex lingerie came in šŸ˜‰

Very Odd Finding On Blog Stats

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Tonight I was checking my blog stats before I went to bed and I stumbled upon something strange.

My sex blog is on Twitter.

šŸ˜€ Good to know.

Thanks for reading!