So here I am

So it’s been A LOT longer than I thought it would be, but I’m back…kinda. We had our baby (a boy) back in December and life has been a handful. Having our youngest almost killed me during/after labor and they gave me an emergency hysterectomy to save my life so no more babies..and better yet, no more birth control!!!!! I have to keep this entry pretty short so I’ll just stick to the basics and try not to go overboard.

So last night both kids were asleep and I went off to shower, when I came back Hubby had started watching Underworld Evolution and we were both pretty touchy feely. I don’t get time to watch porn anymore so I couldn’t get the thought of riding his cock while watching porn out of my head! I put in our porn parody compilation DVD and before I knew it Hubby was licking my pussy. He was doing this new thing with his fingers inside me that was driving me wild, almost like fireworks were going off inside my head, and I did my best to stay quiet. I flipped him over and got on top like a good girl and stroked his cock along my wet pussy, rubbing the head of his cock on my clit while we kissed. His cock slid in so well as I took him all the way in and rode him deep & slow. Hubby’s hands were moving from my ass to my tits, holding my tits close to his mouth while he sucked on them, grabbing my ass and pulling me down harder. I came sooooooo hard, gasping for air, moaning and groaning, grinding harder on his cock, going faster and faster.

Next thing I know I’m on my back and he’s fucking me with short deep thrusts, everything was super sensitive and I couldn’t get enough. I held onto him tighter, his hot breath against my body. I love the way he looks at me when he’s fucking me, looking at every single inch of me, watching and admiring my tits as they bounce, even the way he spanks me drives me wild. ….. I’m getting distracted lmao alright back to what I came here to do lol Hubby fucked me harder, deeper, faster….I could tell his orgasm was building up by the way he was thrusting his cock in and out, I wanted it all, I wanted it so bad, I wanted it to hurt. His cock was throbbing inside me, his breathing was irratic, I was grinding against him moaning for more but I knew we were done for the time being.

And my time’s up… I’ll try my hardest to come back soon and write more of what you’ve missed.

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